7 Day Marketing Therapy Sessions

Understand the why as well as the how! Gain clarity and confidence to successfully market your small business

Challenge yourself to actually show up for your small business for the next 7 days

When you put the time in, you will start to feel the rewards.

These Marketing Therapy sessions are designed to get you thinking about all things marketing in relation to your creative small business without adding extra overwhelm to your already no doubt huge 'to do' list.

7 days, 7 activities - you can do it!

Experience positive results in your small business in just 1 week!

By taking some time each day, for just 7 days, to look at specific areas of your business, you'll be giving yourself the opportunity to invest energy in the areas that can have the most beneficial impact.

It's not all about social media, fancy dances and graphic design

Not all the therapy sessions will feel as though they belong in the traditional 'marketing' category but trust me, they all tie in and they all help to develop the right mindsefor successfully and confidently marketing your small business

  • Discover what your social media profiles should look like so they attract the right audience 
  • Understand your Website and how to get it working for you more easily and effectively
  • Develop the confidence for Live Events and learn how to make the best of each and every one, before, during and after 
  • Learn how understanding your content pillars, keywords and Hashtags can significantly increase your organic reach 
  • Give yourself time back in your day by learning how to be organised with your files and folders 
  • Understand how time spent planning upfront will save you hours further down the line 
  • Understand how the way you think is holding you back when it comes to marketing your creative small business (and how to manage this)
  • Put all this together to give you confidence to actually 'do' marketing for your business while reducing the overwhelm and wasted time.

BONUS resources

When you sign up for the 7 Day Marketing Therapy for Your Business TODAY, you'll also receive these 3 fabulous bonuses FREE

  • Your Ultimate Event Checklist - now that actual in person events are starting again it can be quite daunting. This ADDITIONAL BONUS gives you a comprehensive list of things you need to get sorted for a sales event like a craft fair or Christmas Market. What should the organisers be telling you? How to set you stall up for maximum impact, how to look after yourself during the event and also how to make the most of the event afterwards.. This has been used by some members at artisan markets and they’re benefiting from it already. Not just in terms of additional sales but also in how they feel about attending the event and selling. 
  • As well as your Ultimate Event Checklist, you'll also receive a  copy of my Secrets of the Socials - a guide to help you make the most of social media by explaining how social media really works and why some of what you've been told in the past my not actually be true for you. Once you understand some of the basics, the rest just makes sense!  
  • As if that wasn't enough, when you sign up TODAY, getting the Ultimate Event Checklist and my Secrets of the Socials, you’ll also get a copy of my Simplest Website Checklist – it's comprehensive, it covers all the main aspects of your website and the things that you can check regularly and easily to ensure you're gaining the organic traffic you deserve. It's jargon FREE and it wont confuse you!
  • 7 Day Marketing Therapy for Your Business
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    Actual tasks you can do to help you be better at marketing your business. Show up, do the work and experience the rewards

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  • Perfect Profiles
  • Work on Your Website
  • Live Event Preparation
  • Content Pillars, Keywords & Hashtags
  • Organise Your Files & Folders
  • Proper Planning
  • Your Marketing Mindset
  • Bonus Content...

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"...you've given me so much to look into and think about...some of the things you've suggested I would never have thought of and the links to websites are just brilliant"

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"I think it's safe to say that this is an excellent value product. better than excellent value"

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Over 20 years of marketing experience including running my own creative small business.

I know you find some of the tasks of marketing a chore and would rather be sprinkling the world with glitter but they need doing. 

Marketing for Creatives courses will enable you to be able to spend less time on those tasks and carry them out confidently and successfully!