Email 101 - Essentials of email marketing.
For those who are struggling to get started...

The last time Facebook went down, you promised yourself you'd spend some time getting to understand email marketing and how it can work for your business - but you've not quite managed it yet.

Then Instagram was offline for a few hours and it reminded you that putting all your eggs in one marketing basket isn't a good business strategy.
You know you really must look into email marketing more closely but the more you look, the more confused you get.

I completely understand.
Email marketing has been around for many years but, it can be a bit daunting. Especially due phrases like Landing pages, Pop-ups, Email Capture, Lead magnets, GDPR regulations.....

This is why I've created this totally FREE resource for you.

  • Get to grips with the fundamentals of email marketing
  • Take control of your audience building
  • Understand how email marketing can work for your business
  • Reduce your feelings of overwhelm when it comes to email marketing
  • Get started with email marketing to grow your business 

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