10 day marketing cleanse challenge DIWY

10 days with me reviewing your marketing & devising ways for you to increase your sales and spend less time on tasks that don't make money!

What you'll achieve with a Marketing Cleanse when I do it WITH you!

  • I'll review your social profiles and make suggestions on how to optimise them giving you actual ideas for how to word your profiles 
  • Give you guidance on your website and how to improve your user experience, performance and even some SEO tips 
  • Suggest ways to organise your files, folders, images and your business in terms of process improvement 
  • Save you time on social media publishing 
  • Research your content topics, keywords and hashtags 
  • Guide you through the process of creative planning 
  • Even create a week's worth of social media content including copy, images, hashtags and a way to record your results effectively

Experience the positive results in your creative small business!

By taking some time each day for 10 days to look at specific areas of your business you'll be giving yourself the opportunity to invest energy in the areas that can have the most beneficial impact.

Not all the challenges will feel as though they belong on the traditional 'marketing' category but trust me, they all tie in and they all help to develop the right mindset for successfully and confidently marketing your creative enterprise

Course Curriculum


Lucy Pimblott

Over 20 years of marketing experience including running my own creative small business.

I know you find some of the tasks of marketing a chore and would rather be sprinkling the world with glitter but they need doing. 

I will help you to be able to do them confidently and successfully as a member of Marketing for Creatives.

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    I Work through your 10 Day Marketing Cleanse Challenge with you so you experience real benefits in your business.

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