10 day marketing cleanse challenge

10 days to review, renew & cleanse your marketing

What you'll achieve with a Marketing Cleanse!

A challenge to get you thinking about all things marketing in relation to your creative small business.
10 days, 10 tasks - you can do it!
Experience the positive results in your creative small business!

By taking some time each day for 10 days to look at specific areas of your business you'll be giving yourself the opportunity to invest energy in the areas that can have the most beneficial impact.

Not all the challenges will feel as though they belong on the traditional 'marketing' category but trust me, they all tie in and they all help to develop the right mindset for successfully and confidently marketing your creative enterprise

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Sarah Purdie

Marketing Cleanse

I am fairly new to running a business and only started last year. I discovered Lucy when she started posting on a Facebook page I was already a member of and started to follow her as she had some really good tips for small businesses. I then decided to sign up for her 10 day Marketing Cleanse. I was so glad I did. Each day covers a particular topic and there is no pressure to complete in a certain time period, its something that you can do at your own pace. Lucy provides advice, things to think about and the resources to go off and complete them. I was also one of the lucky ones that had the chance to go through it with her personally. I'm really grateful for this opportunity. Lucy goes through each section and looks at your business in depth giving feedback and personalised tips of what to do in order to improve. It's such a great experience having a second opinion from someone experienced like Lucy. I now have a really useful folder that I can refer back to when needed, all of it personalised to my business. It has been a great help and even without the one to one support I'd still recommend signing up to the 10 day Marketing Cleanse!!

3 years ago
Janine Carden

10 Day Marketing Cleanse

I signed up for the 10 Day Cleanse and started working through this myself. I have done various courses in the past but nothing compared to this. I enjoyed working through the course and there was no pressure to complete within a certain time, which allowed me to relax a little and spend more time on each area. I had so many lightbulb moments and my eyes opened quite a bit with this and that was just on my own doing it. I was very lucky as Lucy did a competition and I won the chance for her to do the Marketing Cleanse with me, she looked at all the questions in relation to my business, wow! To think I thought I had covered a lot by myself. Well Lucy took it to a completely other level and went through things I had never thought about and gave me some really useful material that I can use again and again which will save me time and make my business run better. Highly recommend.

3 years ago

Lucy Pimblott

Over 20 years of marketing experience including running my own creative small business.

I know you find some of the tasks of marketing a chore and would rather be sprinkling the world with glitter but they need doing. 

Marketing for Creatives courses will enable you to be able to spend less time on those tasks and carry them out confidently and successfully! 

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  • Develop the habit of spending valuable time marketing your business
  • Understand the small tasks that can have a big impact
  • Start to build robust systems and processes
  • Give yourself the head-space to review and plan your marketing
  • Bonus 1 - The Ultimate Event Checklist
  • Bonus 2 - The Secret of the Socials
  • Bonus 3 - Content Planner
  • Bonus 4 - 12 Email Ideas
  • Bonus 5 - 12 Blog Post Ideas